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W208PP5 DC208TT5 Deere, Krause, Bush-Hog, Case, Burch, Kewanee
John Deere JD9350      Forrest City 2251
W&A 481202               Case 963889R91
Burch 554A                 Bush-Hog 16-1-176
Kewanee B801
1-1/8" Square 1.39
W208PPB5 DS208TT5 Amco, Deere , Burch, IH, Tufline, White
John Deere JD9373        Amco G10272
IH 630210R91                Burch J9373
Tufline T60
1-1/8" Square 1.38
W208PPB7 DS208TT7 Some Modles Krause, Oliver, Sunflower
Krause 212-10-2         Sunflower 1186
Oliver 237092BA
1-3/16" Round 1.34
W208PP8 DC208TT8 Deere,Brillion,
Deere JD9286             Brillion 9C16
Deere AA 14878
1-1/8" Square 1.66
W208PPB6 DS208TT6 Amco, Bush-Hog, Case, M.F. Tye
Amco G11079           Bush-Hog 14-22-63
Case T15820            MF 834367M1
MF 1025130M1          Tye 552-207
1" Square 1.52
W208PPB8 DS208TT8 Amco, Case, Oliver/White
Amco G10333            Case T25486
Oliver 238481B
1-1/8" Square 2.00
W208PPB12 DS208TT12 Bush-Hog, Lilliston Case, King Plow, Long, Taylorway, Tufline
Bush-Hog 14-24-26       King Plow BB-2N
Lilliston 37-61-001         Long 9-90092
Taylorway 204147        Tufline T602
1-1/8" Square 2.00
W209PPB2 DS209TT2 Bush-Hog, Case-IH Ford, Krause, M.F.
Bush-Hog 14-4-5          Case-IH 251062C91
Ford 113903                M.F. 835050M1
1.17717 Round 1.65
W209PPB4 DS209TT4 Krause, Farm Hand, Glencoe M.F.
Krause 412-10-2         ND AS4509BD
Glencoe P6120
1.535 Round 1.47
W209PPB5 DS209TT5 Massey Ferguson, Various applications of Piper Equipment
Massey 842303M1
1-1/4" Square 1.65
W210PPB2 DS210TT2 Bush-Hog, M.F.
Bush-Hog 14-5-109      M.F. 831960M3 
1-15/16" Round 1.41
W210PP4 DC210TT4 Amco, Various Applications
Amco G10446             Amco G10778
1-1/8" Square 2.05
W210PPB4 DS210TT4 Kewanee, Various Applications 1-1/8" Square 1.93
W211PPB2 DS211TT2 Bush-Hog, Case, Krause,  M.F.
Case 958334R91        M.F. 831960M1
1-15/16" Round 1.91
W211PP3 DC211TT3 Amco, Case, Ford, M.F.
Amco, G11071           Ford MULCHBB112
M.F. 1905678M1
1-1/2" Square 2.57
W211PPB3 DS211TT3 Amco, Brillion, Burch, Case, Ford, M.F.
Brillion 3J131             Burch 203214
Case 630095R91       Ford MULCHBB112SG
M.F. 832540M1
1-1/2" Square 2.44
W211PPB6 DS211TT6 Burch, Taylorway, Tower
Burch 204-82           Tower 18300
Taylorway 204679
1-1/2" Square 3.37

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